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Class Actions

When large groups are affected by common injuries that cannot be individually litigated in a cost-effective or efficient manner, class action litigation can be the only means to redress wide-reaching wrongful conduct. Our attorneys are experienced in managing large-scale and complex class action litigation, often proceeding concurrently in multiple states across the country. We bring class action litigation in situations where numerous individuals have experienced real suffering, and we do not settle cases unless responsible parties take meaningful action to address improper or wrongful conduct. We also defend companies wrongfully targeted by unfair or inappropriate class action litigation.

In 2008, the firm prevailed in the United States Supreme Court against big tobacco in the case of Altria v. Good, in which the high Court held that the plaintiff's claims were not preempted by FTC regulations. In 2009, the firm obtained a $1 million settlement against Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, for the insurer's wrongful refusal to pay for the care of autistic children. And in 2010, the firm obtained court approval for an $18 million settlement against the largest waste disposal company in North America, Waste Management, and significant injunctive relief requiring it to remediate odor at a landfill in Lenox Township.