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Gerard V. Mantese Receives Champion of Justice Award

Champion of Justice Award - Mantese Honigman - justiceIn June, 2010, Gerard V. Mantese was notified that the State Bar of Michigan had awarded him the Champion of Justice Award for high integrity, superior professional competence, and extraordinary accomplishments. Mr. Mantese will formally receive this award on September 29, 2010 at the State Bar of Michigan's Annual Meeting in Grand Rapids.
The State Bar of Michigan provides this official description of the award:
Champion of Justice Award: Given to practicing lawyers and judges of integrity and adherence to the highest principles and traditions of the legal profession, superior professional competence, and an extraordinary professional accomplishment that benefits the nation, the state, or the local community in which the lawyer or judge lives.
Remarks Made By Gerard V. Mantese At State Bar Of Michigan Annual Meeting On September 29, 2010 In Grand Rapids

"I want to thank the State Bar of Michigan for this great honor.
The real champions are the parents of children with autism, or any special needs, who advocate for their children every single day. Parents came to us, knowing that applied behavior analysis therapy was critical for their children. They sought our help in accessing this care from their insurance companies.
Parents, and the medical and scientific community, know that this therapy helps children with autism reach their potential and live full and productive lives.
It was a privilege to lead their fight and to assist them in accessing this life-changing therapy.
We have received over 250 calls, emails and letters from parents around the country seeking information and assistance in accessing this therapy for their children. We are continuing our work in this area.
So, it is an honor to accept this award not only for myself and my firm, but also for all the parents who champion the cause of their children."