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Tree Case To Proceed As Class Action Against City of Warren

Troy, Michigan. Monday, May 5, 2008. The Michigan Supreme Court has put an end to a 7 year appellate battle in a class action lawsuit against the City of Warren by ruling that a case brought against the city for property damage caused by trees it planted in front of residents’ homes can proceed as a class action. In its ruling, the Supreme Court denied the city’s request for review of the decisions of the Michigan Court of Appeals and the Macomb County Circuit Court, which both held that the case was appropriate for class action treatment. The case involves claims that city planted trees caused damages on a city-wide basis to homeowners’ sewer lines and other property. The class includes approximately 7,000 homeowners damaged by city practices and policies. The case will now proceed in the trial court before Judge James M. Biernat as a class action. The attorney for the homeowners, Gerard V. Mantese, stated, “I am pleased that the appellate battle is now behind us and we can proceed to obtain fair and just compensation for these homeowners, many of whom are on fixed incomes and cannot afford the necessary repairs to their sewer lines and property damage caused by the city.”
For link to the Supreme Court’s decision, click here: Hill v. City of Warren, May 2, 2008 Order