Commercial and Business

In our commercial and business litigation practice, we have successfully represented both plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of disputes arising out of, among other things, contract disputes, business torts, real estate and leasing matters, banking and lending, employment relationships, and various commercial transactions.

Our philosophy is to lay the groundwork for trial successes even before we file a Complaint, and to begin planning for summary disposition before we ever file an Answer. Through our relentless and detail-oriented discovery strategies, we have leveraged highly favorable settlements in some cases with minimal time in the courtroom. In other cases, our expert motion practice has led to dismissals that have saved our clients from exposure to significant potential liability. Further, we have tried several of our cases in recent years, and obtained several significant jury verdicts. Most recently, we obtained a jury verdict and $1.5 million judgment for one of our clients in a breach of contract matter.

We pursue our clients’ interests in a variety of forums, including state courts, federal courts, probate courts and arbitrations, and we are also experienced in alternative methods of dispute resolution including mediation and facilitation. While our courtroom representation is vigorous, we recognize the value of certainty that arises out of carefully negotiated, well-considered and fair settlement of claims.